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Special Programs

We are pleased to introduce two special sessions for participants of PMPC 2010. The programs are:
  1. Monte Carlo Simulation Technique.
  2. Steering Project Success - What more is possible?- Registration closed for this special program
These programs are scheduled on the 8th Sept 2010 and will be for four hours from 8.30 AM to 1 PM, at no additional cost to the delegates of PMPC 2010. Participants are eligible to claim 4 more PDUs. Interested delegates of PMPC 2010 are requested to opt either one of the programs. Since seats are limited, registration is on a first come first served basis.
Monte Carlo Simulation Technique:
It systematically prepares you to:
  1. Visualize / assess probability of completing the project within a given duration and budget.
  2. Become aware of factors that really matter in the project.
It involves following steps:
  1. Create mathematical model representing the project/business case, in Excel spread sheet.
  2. Define the inputs and outputs to deal with uncertainties in the model
  3. Run simulation trials as needed.
  4. Analyze the results.

Facilitator -
M. S. Hiremath, PMP.

On analysis of results, the Project Manager will be in a position to operate in proactive mode. The PM can figure out the risk hovering around the project, thus enabling him to take better decisions. The project manager is controlling the project, and not project controlling the Project Manager.

Steering Project Success - What more is possible?
Registration closed for this special program
Program Objectives:

This program is focused on achieving a tangible increase in the Project Manager's ability to deliver projects successfully through the right 'mindset'. This ability directly impacts
  1. profitability mining and
  2. opportunity mining across projects, accounts and sectors.

Facilitator -
Madhavan S Rao, PMP

Program Benefits:
  1. Enhanced ability to steer through grey areas/uncertainties in Projects/Programs
  2. Ability to develop the entrepreneurship mindset needed for steering project to success.
  3. Insight into crafting win-win solutions
  4. Ability to steer expectations with a "positive No" and a "conditional Yes".
  5. Innovative co-creation strategies involving all project stakeholders.
About PMPC 2010
PMPC is one of the most sought after and the largest Project Management conferences in the sub continent.

PMPC is a cross industry forum for PM practitioners, thought leaders and product vendors to share, learn and interact.

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